Saturday, March 19, 2005

A night is time where beasts from each continent emerge to bring an up rise to evil. Evil is state of mind where humans ignore their responsibilities and morphs into creature, or a beast if you may. And this beast emerges from characteristics of an incubus, plaguing every innocent soul. And as every innocent soul is plagued, the next generation must burden their pain. Its like a domino affect one person is seized with this illness and the next falls because of this illness. Welcome to reality of the western world, the world ran by drunken people.

Have ever noticed the society we live in, a corrupted society where sex and violence is a norm and people of knowledge are a taboo. In fact, invitations are given out for these matters, "Come to our party and get wasted, free lap dances", and these people become world leaders. Has this world gone insane? In a dream world, this maybe the joyous life one may lead, but is it really? Have you ever noticed how we're creating TV shows from the taboos of nature. A man and a woman created a baby and they don't know whose baby this is. Is this new born child, a blessing to this world, an innocent soul bringing belligerence upon his surroundings? This should be a time of blessing not a time of anger, and hate.

Night by night, people are losing their minds and creating fate less future, and this will bring the new world to its knees. And as the new future stands the first word will be "Thank you for making us lifeless souls". And I personally thank you for creating this new taboo world into a norm. Welcome to the fate less night where, the creation of everything good, turns into everything bad. Where heavens cry in tears for what they have done, and hell cries with joy for welcoming another soul to this impeccable world. This is truly a gift, a gift we must not ignore, a gif that we must cherish, a gift that we must treasure and eliminate. For no one wants to be a fate less child.

4:25 PM

Thursday, March 17, 2005

OK im jus testing this thing out. havent been on blogger for ages now. *faint*.

7:49 PM

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